Gamification: Boost motivation and improve your digital events with games!

Every day digital events have more relevance within the Meetings & Events Industry. It is important to create experiences that encourage attendees to interact and stay connected.


Digital events are something new for most of us, it is a very big challenge to guide the audience through the agenda and make sure that the sponsors are satisfied with the investment they made. Gamification is a great way to create a differentiator, an engaging proposition, and a fun way of doing things.

Gamification can help you make your digital event more memorable, different and attractive.

How to integrate gamification in your events?

The objective is to implement an application or activity whose game mechanics allow attendees to complete challenges, compete to receive the best score and compare their results with those of other players.

Imagination is the limit; you can do varied activities and even give prizes to attendees. It is a fun and unique way to maintain your expected audience levels, create interaction, offer something different, position the brand, increase your satisfaction levels and generally improve the event experience.

We present some tips that will help you create a Gamification experience:

Set clear, precise and achievable goals

When you have thought about what you will do, you must know the target very well. You can list different "pain points" of your assistants and how to solve them; If within these solutions you have the viability of making an interaction, do not hesitate to implement Gamification.

Here are some planning ideas:

·  Integrate your social networks in these activities so that you have more traffic.

·  Use special codes.

·  Think of rewards that help position your brand.

·  Within your post-show satisfaction survey, add questions about the activities you did.

·  Make sure games are easy to understand for anyone.

Choose the right technology

Depending on the digital platform you choose, the options may vary; the level of customization and tools will also depend on it.

It is important that everyone can have quick and easy access to activities.

Define your scope

Factors such as audience size, transmission time, how many conferences you will have and topics, will define how you will use the gamification strategy:

·  How long will the activities last?

·  How many activities do you need to do?

·  What support do you have in case of problems?

·  How much budget do you have?

Sometimes less is more, try to do simple things and at the same time have a significant impact on your audience.

Clear Rules

Be clear and transparent about the rules of the game to prevent attendees from getting frustrated or cheating.

Promote the games

Make sure you are as inclusive as possible and that everyone can participate in the game. Post it on your social networks before and during the event, send notifications, including them on the website, tell the speakers to mention them during the session, give them a space independent of the original program.

* Try to integrate everything on the same platforms, that they do not leave the sessions to play the game *

Announce the winners

To continue keeping attendees online, mention that you will announce the winner at the end of the event. It is important to celebrate.

Do not forget to send cheer up messages to those who could not win, always inviting them to continue knowing your brand.

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