New Ways to create events: Information that will help you to make decisions for next 2021

The way of creating events has evolved more than ever. Throughout the year, new learnings are added to adapt to global conditions and improve the customer experience.

There are different essential paths that must be considered when planning our events for the following year; all seen from an interdisciplinary approach. Here we give you the most important ones:


As has been said a lot of times, technology is playing a very important role in planning and executing events. Managers and Operations Coordinators require digital event logistics management skills (platforms, applications, content, etc.).

52.6% of event professionals invest more in event technology than the previous year. It is believed that this investment could double by the next 2021.

It is important to adapt this technology to make more interactive, collaborative, diverse and inclusive agendas.

Generate Value

Sometimes it's not about quantity, it's about quality. It's important to focus on content that's interesting to your attendees: educational programs, virtual business appointments, Keynote speakers, and so on.

Generating this value to your attendees is very beneficial because on average, six million participants generated $38 billion of direct spending on meetings, representing 11.5% of the total sector (Oxford Economics and Events Industry Council, 2018).

39% of event professionals agree that their events should be more interactive with attendees.

Work Environment

Despite current conditions, projected growth is expected for event and convention organizers to increase by 11% in the United States. This is due to the growing demand for minds that know how to create hybrid experiences and know how to take care of attendees' experiences at the same time as their health.

There is hope and optimism in the growth of the industry by 2021, being more than 80% of the event planners that bets on economic revival.



Budget reduction is a latent concern for the Events & Meetings Industry. In addition to the direct blow to total revenue, more must be spent on taking care of the health of workers and assistants. We must add the constant concern about lack of progress in the professional career and such a radical change of turn.

71% of event organizers have spent an average of $5 million in technology for their events this 2020, earning very low revenue from them.


Corporate Events

82% of corporate event organizers claimed to have significantly reduced their budget by 2020, fearing the lack of new ideas and low ROI (EventMB, 2018).

Priorities have been divided into 3 mains:

  • Networking (82%)
  • Learning (71%)
  • Entertainment (38%)


Social media has become a very effective tool for communication, dissemination and interaction with the audience (74%), followed by tools such as email-blast (66%), event website (60%) and direct registration on site (26%).

We cannot put aside experience marketing, a trend that has been on the rise in recent years. 58% of event organizers believe that demand for experience marketing is increasing (EventMB, 2018).



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