It's time to land the theory, and to take off the practice about the events in this new chapter.

STATE OF THE ART is the concept that defines the IDEAS and METHODS most used recently.

But, STATE OF THE ART by EXPERIENCE is an invitation to mix your knowledge with the learning you will get through a program of conferences focused on presenting the innovations recently implemented in the industry to create and improve THE DESIGN OF POSITIVE EVENT EXPERIENCES.

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Your access includes:

  • 6 powerfull conferences
  • 5 interactive experiences

*Limited number of participants

Once, someone thought differently from everyone… and created a universal rhythm!

Let’s rock the EXPERIENCE!!

General Program

In “The State of the Art” we are working with international speakers content based on experiences, performances and talks that will allow attendees of the Meetings & Events industry, to learn and get inspired about new trends for the creation of events as a great experience. Through specialized sessions, we will provide a unique and innovative scenario to learn and live interactive experiences, hand in hand with key notes, performers and sponsors of the event.

The topics we will present are:

  • Creativity & innovation
  • Events planning & production
  • Motivation & leadership
  • Sustainable events
  • Branding & customer service